Presidential Law Part IV: Enforcing Article II’s Motive Limit

The Constitution requires the President to justify his actions with a public-interested reason. Article II of the Constitution imposes this limit. Part IV discusses ways to enforce it. The President could make self-interested policies more difficult by requiring a public-interested reason. This would force him to act in the public’s interest 상간녀소송

Article II’s motive limit is normatively justified writ large

There are high stakes in contesting Article II’s motive limit. First, it’s important to understand that norms are both arbitrary and contingent. They can be shaped by political events, ideology, and chance. Further, constitutional norms can also be influenced by the practical stakes of a given constitutional case. A good way to understand these tensions is to examine historical examples of how norms came to be and how they were applied.

It helps ensure good government

Presidents often need help from Congress to ensure good government and rule of law. The rule of law is a key element of good governance and it should be aimed at justice. The rule of law in a country should comply with international human rights principles and have channels for promoting justice. This accreditation process is carried out by the International Co-ordinating Committee of National Institutions (ICC), which meets annually.